Do you know the suitable occasions for carbon dioxide fire extinguishers?

Update:19 Mar 2021

Portable CO2 Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers


Principle: Liquid carbon dioxide is stored in the fire extinguisher bottle. When it is working, when the pressure of the bottle valve is pressed down. The internal carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is sprayed from the siphon tube through the bottle valve to the nozzle, so that the concentration of oxygen in the combustion zone drops rapidly. When the carbon dioxide reaches a sufficient concentration, the flame will suffocate and extinguish. At the same time, the liquid carbon dioxide will quickly vaporize. It absorbs a lot of heat within a period of time, so it has a certain cooling effect on the burning material and also helps to extinguish the fire. The cart-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is mainly composed of several parts such as the bottle body, the head assembly, the nozzle assembly, and the frame assembly. The built-in fire extinguishing agent is liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent.

Structure: The barrel of the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is made of high-quality alloy steel through a special process, and its weight is reduced by 40% compared to carbon steel. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, safe and reliable, easy to store, light and beautiful.

Applicable occasions: It is suitable for putting out the first fire of flammable liquid and gas, and also for putting out the fire of live equipment. It is often used in laboratories, computer rooms, substations, and places with high maintenance requirements for precision electronic instruments, valuable equipment or items.