How long is the service life of the fire extinguisher?

Update:26 May 2021

Fire extinguishers with one of the following conditions must be scrapped:

The cylinder body is subjected to hydraulic test, and the unqualified ones must be scrapped, and repair welding is not allowed;
The cylinder body is severely corroded (the paint is peeled off in a large area, and the rust area is greater than or equal to one-third of the total area of ​​the cylinder body) or the connecting parts and the bottom of the cylinder are seriously corroded;
The internal buckle head does not have (or is not installed) the air discharging screw and the fixing screw;
For carbon dioxide fire extinguishers with handwheel valves, the pressure-type valves must be replaced;
For fire extinguishers with a fire extinguishing dose greater than or equal to 4 ㎏, the head with intermittent spray mechanism should be replaced or the spray gun should be added, and those that cannot be replaced should be discarded.
The cylinder is severely deformed;
The structure is unreasonable (such as the cylinder with a flat bottom; the gas cylinder is externally installed, and the air intake pipe enters the dry powder fire extinguisher from the cylinder into the cylinder);
Without the name of the manufacturer and the year and month of the factory (including the decals falling off, or although there are decals, the name of the manufacturer and the year and month of the factory are not clear);
Produced by a manufacturer that has not obtained a production license;
The Ministry of Public Security or provincial (city, district) public security fire protection departments have ordered the prohibition of sales and maintenance.

seamless steel gas cylinder Manufacturers

The fire extinguisher’s retirement life is calculated from the date of manufacture, and if it reaches the following years, it must be scrapped:
Portable chemical foam fire extinguisher-5 years;
Portable acid-base fire extinguisher-5 years;
Portable clean water fire extinguisher-6 years;
Portable dry powder fire extinguisher (cylinder type)-8 years;
Portable storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher-10 years;
Portable 1211 fire extinguisher-10 years;
Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher-12 years;
Cart-type chemical foam fire extinguisher-8 years;
Cart-type dry powder fire extinguisher (cylinder type)-10 years;
Cart storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher-12 years;
Cart 1211 fire extinguisher-10 years; cart carbon dioxide fire extinguisher-12 years.

For fire extinguishers or gas cylinders that should be scrapped, a hole must be punched on the cylinder or bottle, and a clear sign of “scrapped” should be affixed with a sticker. The content is as follows:
The minimum font size of the word "scrap" is 25mm×25mm;
Scrap year and month;
The name of the maintenance organization;
Inspector's signature.

1. The degree of defacement to the protected items;
2. The ambient temperature of the set point;
3. The quality of people who use fire extinguishers.