What are the methods of using simple fire extinguishers?

Update:29 Apr 2021

How to use one

Portable: When using, bring the handle of the portable fire extinguisher or the shoulder fire extinguisher to the fire scene. Put down the fire extinguisher about 5 meters away from the burning place, first pull out the safety pin, hold the opening handle with one hand, and hold the nozzle at the front end of the spray hose with the other hand. If the fire extinguisher does not have a spray hose, hold the opening lever with one hand and the bottom ring part at the bottom of the fire extinguisher with the other hand.

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First, aim the nozzle at the burning place, and firmly hold the opening pressure handle to make the fire extinguisher spray. When the extinguished combustible liquid is burning in a flowing manner, the user should aim at the root of the flame from near and far, and shoot from left to right, and move forward quickly until the flame is completely extinguished. If combustible liquid is burning in the container, it should be aimed at the flame and shake left and right to shoot. When the flame is driven out of the container, the jet will follow the flame and shoot until the flame is completely extinguished.

However, it should be noted that the jet cannot be directly sprayed on the surface of the combustion liquid to prevent the force of the fire extinguishing agent from rushing the combustible liquid out of the container to expand the fire, causing difficulty in extinguishing the fire. If the first fire of combustible solid matter is extinguished, the jet should be directed at the most violent burning place. When the flame is extinguished, measures should be taken in time to prevent it from re-igniting. When using the 1211 fire extinguisher, it must not be turned upside down or lying down, otherwise the fire extinguishing agent will not spray out. In addition, when using it outdoors, you should choose to spray in the upwind direction; when extinguishing a fire in a narrow room, the operator should quickly evacuate after the fire is extinguished, because 1211 fire extinguishing agent is also toxic to prevent harm to the human body.

How to use two

Push-cart type: There are usually two operations when extinguishing a fire. First push or pull the fire extinguisher to the fire site and stop about 10 meters away from the burning place. One person quickly releases the spray hose, grips the spray gun firmly, and aims at the burning place; the other Then quickly open the fire extinguisher valve. The fire extinguishing method is the same as the portable 1211 fire extinguisher.