What are the technical requirements for fire extinguisher maintenance?

Update:05 Nov 2021

1. All fire extinguishers that have been repaired must meet the requirements of the national standards or industry standards for the product.
2. The maintenance unit must carry out the water pressure test on the fire extinguisher cylinders one by one according to the regulations. In addition, if the fire extinguisher has been used, although it has not reached the specified time limit, but the appearance of the barrel body is found to be bumped, and the appearance quality of the weld does not meet the specified requirements, a hydraulic test shall also be carried out. In order to prevent environmental pollution, the fire extinguishing agent in the cylinder should be put into the corresponding storage tank before the hydraulic test. The hydraulic test pressure is 1.5 times the design pressure of the fire extinguisher. During the test, there shall be no defects affecting strength such as leakage and macroscopic deformation (residual deformation equal to or greater than 6%).
3. The cylinder that has passed the water pressure test has complete decals, but part of the paint peeling off should be repainted.
4. The cylinders (except water-type fire extinguishers) that have passed the water pressure test should be dried.
5. The rubber and plastic parts of the fire extinguisher shall not be washed with organic solvents. Deformed, discolored, aging or broken must be replaced.
6. The outer surface of the pressure gauge must not be deformed or damaged. The pressure value display should be normal, otherwise, the pressure gauge should be replaced.
7. If the nozzle has defects such as deformation, cracking, damage, etc., it must be replaced. The dust cover should ensure that the fire extinguishing agent can fall off or break by itself when it is sprayed.
8. The thimble must not have any defects visible to the naked eye, otherwise, it must be replaced.
9. Sealing parts such as seals and gaskets must be replaced and meet the sealing requirements. The moisture-proof film of the dry powder fire extinguisher must be replaced and meet the requirements of paragraph 2.2.5 of GB 4402.
10. The outlet pipe of the fire extinguisher should not have defects such as bends, blockages, damages and cracks, otherwise, it must be replaced.
11. Carbon dioxide gas cylinder (hereinafter referred to as gas cylinder).
12. The gas cylinder must meet the requirements of Article 2.6 of GB 4402 "Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher".
13. After five years from the date of manufacture of the gas cylinder, the hydraulic pressure test must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 3.6.2 of GB4351 every three years thereafter. Those who fail the hydraulic test must be replaced.
14. The gas cylinders that are not stamped in accordance with the requirements of Article 6.3 of GB4351 "General Technical Requirements for Portable Fire Extinguishers" must be replaced.
15. The device head is not allowed to have defects such as cracks and thread failure, otherwise it must be replaced.
16. After two years of use, the plastic head must be inspected by a hydraulic test together with the cylinder, and the unqualified ones must be replaced.
17. From the date of leaving the factory, the cylinder body must be subjected to a water pressure test every five years, and the unqualified ones must be replaced.
18. The inner agent bottle of the chemical foam fire extinguisher must not have defects such as cracks, otherwise it must be replaced.
19. If the filter of a water or foam fire extinguisher is damaged, it must be replaced.
20. All fire extinguisher parts and components that need to be replaced should be made by the original manufacturer as much as possible. If other factories or self-made parts and components are used, they must meet the national standards, industry standards and the design requirements of the fire extinguisher manufacturer.
21. After repaired fire extinguishers, the fire extinguishing agent filled should meet the requirements of relevant fire extinguishing agent standards.
22. After repaired fire extinguishers, permanent repair nameplates must be affixed to the fire extinguisher barrel and gas cylinder respectively.
23. The location of the nameplate is on the back barrel of the decal of the fire extinguisher manufacturer.
24. The recommended size of the nameplate is 70mm×50mm.
25. The color of the nameplate is recommended to be black on a white background.
26. The nameplate should have the following contents: the name of the maintenance organization; the maintenance license number; the pressure value of the cylinder water pressure test MPa; the year and month of the maintenance.
27. The nameplates of each repair are not allowed to cover each other.
28. On the permanent maintenance nameplate of the gas cylinder (steel characters are not allowed), the filling coefficient of the gas cylinder and the filling volume of the driving gas should be indicated. At the same time, there should be the name of the maintenance unit and the year and month of inflation.

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