What does the fire extinguisher red, yellow and green mean?

Update:23 Nov 2021

The meanings of red, yellow and green fire extinguishers are different. The green zone is the safe zone, the yellow zone is the dangerous zone, and the red zone is the failure zone.

  Red area: it means that the pressure of the dry powder in the fire extinguisher is low, there is a possibility that it cannot be sprayed or it has failed.

  Green area: the pressure is normal and the fire extinguisher can be used normally.

  Yellow area: It means that the pressure in the fire extinguisher is too high and it can be used normally. But there is a danger of blasting and explosion.

   In general, the red, yellow, and green pointers of the fire extinguisher point to the yellow area, indicating that the pressure of the driving gas in the fire extinguisher bottle is too high, which is dangerous. If the pointer drops to the red zone, it means that the driving air pressure has been lower than the safe value, and the fire extinguishing bottle has lost its fire extinguishing ability, and the pressure should be refilled in time. Only in the green area can it be used normally.

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