What is the working principle of a fire extinguisher?

Update:04 Jan 2022

We all know that there are three conditions for combustion, combustion substance, oxygen and temperature. Only one of them is not satisfied to achieve the purpose of extinguishing fire.

Dry powder fire extinguisher

  The dry powder fire extinguisher is filled with dry powder fire extinguishing agent. Dry powder fire extinguishing agent is a boring and easy to move fine powder used for fire extinguishing. It is composed of inorganic salt with life-saving effect and a few additives through drying, damage, and mixing to form a fine solid powder.

Wind fire extinguisher

  The wind fire extinguisher is to eliminate the third condition temperature and stop the flame. The wind fire extinguisher blows a large amount of air to the flame at a high speed to make the surface temperature of the burning object drop sensitively. When the temperature is lower than the ignition point, the combustion stops. This is the principle of the wind rescuer.

  The structure of the wind fire extinguisher is very simple, an electric motor, blades, ducts, and batteries.

Foam fire extinguisher


carbon dioxide

   Carbon dioxide has a higher density, about 1.5 times that of air. Under normal pressure, liquid carbon dioxide will immediately vaporize, generally 1kg of liquid carbon dioxide can produce about 0.5 cubic meters of gas. Therefore, when extinguishing a fire, carbon dioxide gas can sweep the air and surround the surface of the burning object or spread it in a more confined space, reduce the oxygen concentration around the combustible or in the protective space, and produce a suffocating effect to extinguish the fire. In addition, when carbon dioxide is ejected from the storage container, it will be sensitively vaporized from the liquid into a gas, and part of the heat will be attracted from the surroundings to play a cooling role.

   Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are mainly used to make up for the initial fires of valuable equipment, archives, instruments, electrical equipment below 600 volts, and oil.

Water fire extinguisher

   The extinguishing agent in the clean water fire extinguisher is clean water. Water has lower viscosity, higher thermal stability, higher density and higher surface tension at room temperature. It is an old and widely used natural fire extinguishing agent, easy to obtain and store. It mainly extinguishes fire by cooling and suffocating. Because each kilogram of water is heated from room temperature to the boiling point and completely evaporated and vaporized, it can absorb 2593.4KJ of heat. Therefore, it uses its own absorption of sensible and latent heat to play a cooling and extinguishing effect, which is unmatched by other fire extinguishing agents. In addition, the water vapor formed after the water is vaporized is an inert gas, and its volume will expand by about 1700 times. When extinguishing a fire, the water vapor generated by water vaporization will occupy the space of the combustion area, dilute the oxygen content around the combustion material, prevent fresh air from entering the combustion area, greatly reduce the oxygen concentration in the combustion area, and then achieve the purpose of suffocating and extinguishing. When the water is in the form of spray mist, the specific surface area of ​​the formed water droplets and mist droplets will be greatly increased, enhancing the heat exchange between water and fire, and then strengthening its cooling and asphyxiating effects. In addition, it can also dilute some combustible and flammable liquids that are soluble in water; the water mist produced by strong jets can emulsify the combustible and flammable liquids, so that the surface of the liquid is sensitively cooled and the rate of flammable vapor generation is reduced. Reach the purpose of extinguishing fire.

Simple fire extinguisher

   Simple fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguisher developed in recent years. It is characterized by a small fire extinguisher with a filling amount of less than 500 grams and a pressure of less than 0.8 MPa. It is a one-time use and cannot be refilled. According to the type of fire extinguishing agent, there are 1211 fire extinguishers, also called aerosol halide fire extinguishers; simple dry powder fire extinguishers, also called portable dry powder fire extinguishers; and simple air foam fire extinguishers, also called portable air foam Fire extinguisher. Simple fire extinguishers are suitable for home use. Simple 1211 fire extinguishers and simple dry powder fire extinguishers can make up for the initial fires of LPG stoves and upper corner valves of steel cylinders, or gas stoves, and can also make up for solids such as hot pot fires and waste paper baskets. A fire that burns combustible materials. Simple air foam is suitable for initial fires caused by oil pans, kerosene stoves, oil lamps and candles, and can also compensate for fires caused by solid combustibles.

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