How to repair a fire extinguisher?

Update:22 Dec 2021

When the fire extinguisher you use cannot be used normally, do not use it forcibly or throw it away. You can go to a formal repair-qualified manufacturer to repair it, and the cost is relatively lower than buying a new fire extinguisher. After sending it to the repair site, you must have an approximate understanding of the fire extinguisher repair process, so as to avoid some businesses from trying to save energy and save some links.
Fire extinguisher patch:
1. Inspect the appearance of the fire extinguisher, and confess the specifications and model of the fire extinguisher and whether it falls within the scope of scrapping.
2. Check the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher and disassemble it only when it is confirmed that there is no pressure inside the fire extinguisher.
3. Discard the fire extinguishers confessed to be scrapped.
4. The fire extinguisher barrel, nose, pressure gauge and eruption hose assembly of the cart-type fire extinguisher that are admitted not to be scrapped can be used after being qualified.
5. Clean the barrel of the fire extinguisher. Dry powder, carbon dioxide and clean gas fire extinguishers should be used after the barrel is dry.
6. Check the accessories of the fire extinguisher, replace the seals and damaged parts
7. Refill the rescue agent and driving gas according to the corresponding specifications of the fire extinguisher and the rules of the nameplate, and conduct the sealing test one by one.
8. The repaired fire extinguisher shall be repaired and inspected before leaving the factory.
9. Organize and repair records.
Fire extinguisher repair process:
Fire extinguisher repair Relieve the pressure from the upper fire extinguisher fixture-dismantle-remove the dry powder reactivator in the fire extinguisher barrel-conduct a hydraulic test on the fire extinguisher barrel with an electric pressure test pump-spray paint on the fire extinguisher barrel with the paint peeling off-fire extinguisher Quantitative dry powder filling-installation of rescue accessories-nitrogen filling-24-hour air tightness test-sealing treatment of fire extinguishers-installation of nozzles-patching qualified labels-delivery to the application unit;

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