What kind of fire is a clean water fire extinguisher used for?

Update:02 Dec 2021

The barrel of a clean water fire extinguisher is filled with clean water, so it is called a clean water fire extinguisher. The clear water fire extinguisher uses clear water as the main fire extinguishing agent, plus an appropriate amount of antifreeze, wetting agent, and flame retardant. It is mainly used to make up for solid material fires, such as the initial fires of wood, cotton, textiles, etc. In addition, it can also dilute some combustible and flammable liquids that are soluble in water; the water mist produced by strong jets can emulsify the flammable and flammable liquids, so that the surface of the liquid is sensitively cooled, and the rate of flammable vapor generation is reduced. Reach the purpose of extinguishing fire.

There are two standards for clear water fire extinguishers: 6 liters and 9 liters. The 6 liter standard means that the fire extinguisher contains 6 liters of water, and the 9 liter standard means that it contains 9 liters of water.

How to use water fire extinguisher

1. Lift the clean water fire extinguisher to the fire site, and place the fire extinguisher upright and stable at a distance of about 10 meters from the burning object. Note: The fire extinguisher cannot be placed too far away from the burning material. This is because the effective spray interval of the clean water fire extinguisher is about 10 meters. Otherwise, the water sprayed by the clean water fire extinguisher will not be sprayed on the burning material.

2. Take off the safety cap. Tap the protruding head at the top of the open rod with the palm of your hand. At this time, clear water is sprayed from the nozzle.

3. When the clean water is sprayed from the nozzle, immediately use one hand to lift the lifting ring on the fire extinguisher barrel cover, and the other hand to hold the bottom ring of the fire extinguisher, and aim the jet of water at the strong point of burning Z. Because the clean water fire extinguisher has only 1 minute of effective water spraying time, when the fire extinguisher sprays water, the fire extinguisher should be lifted sensitively, and the water stream should be directed at the strong point of the combustion Z to spray.

4. With the shortening of the spray interval of the fire extinguisher, the operator should gradually approach the burning material, so that the water will be sprayed at the burning place until the fire is extinguished.

5. The clean water fire extinguisher should always be kept roughly straight with the ground during use, and cannot be placed upside down or lying down, otherwise, it will affect the water jet.

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