What are the precautions for fire extinguishers?

Update:23 Sep 2021

1. During the transportation and storage of the fire extinguisher, avoid placing it upside down, rain, sun exposure, strong radiation and contact with corrosive substances.

2. The storage environment temperature of the fire extinguisher should be in the range of -10-45℃.

3. The place where the fire extinguisher is placed should be kept dry and ventilated to prevent the cylinder from being corroded by moisture. Sun exposure and strong radiant heat should be avoided, so as not to affect the normal use of the fire extinguisher.

4. The fire extinguisher shall be inspected regularly according to the requirements and inspection period specified by the manufacturer.

5. Once the fire extinguisher is turned on, it must be refilled according to the regulations even if it does not emit much gas pressure.

6. If the fire extinguisher is found to have problems after functional inspection, it must be repaired by a qualified repair unit, replaced damaged parts, cylinders for hydraulic test, and refilled with fire extinguishing agent and driving gas.

7. The fire extinguisher repaired by the maintenance department should have the mark approved by the fire supervision department, and the name of the maintenance organization and the maintenance date should be noted.

8. Regardless of whether the fire extinguisher has been used or not, it shall be counted from the production date (each fire extinguisher has a production date on the barrel), and must be sent to the maintenance unit for repair after reaching the prescribed maintenance period. Discarded, the fire extinguisher whose cylinder fails the water pressure test during maintenance must also be discarded.

9. The management office must strengthen the daily management and maintenance of fire extinguishers. It is necessary to establish a "fire extinguisher account", register the type, the number of configurations, the setting position and the person responsible for maintenance and management; clarify the responsibilities of the person responsible for maintenance and management.

10. The management office shall inspect the maintenance of fire extinguishers at least once a quarter. The inspection includes: the implementation of the maintenance responsibilities of the responsible person, whether the pressure value of the fire extinguisher is within the normal pressure range, whether the insurance pin and lead seal are intact, and the fire extinguisher cannot be used for it. The fire extinguisher box should not be locked to avoid sunlight exposure and strong radiant heat, whether the fire extinguisher is within its validity period, etc., and the effective status of the fire extinguisher should be checked as a "fire extinguisher inspection record" and archived for convenience.