What is the use of fire extinguishers?

Update:23 Sep 2021

As an important fire-fighting tool, fire extinguishers can play a very important role at the beginning of a fire. Finding the fire in time and using the fire extinguisher correctly can minimize the loss. However, many people find that the fire extinguisher cannot be used normally when a fire occurs. Even if I don’t know how to use fire extinguishers, it will cause losses to people’s production and life. In order to avoid such a situation from happening again, we have organized how to use fire extinguishers and how to maintain and inspect fire extinguishers as follows, hoping to help everyone.

How to use fire extinguisher

Dry powder fire extinguisher is the most common fire extinguisher. Let's take dry powder fire extinguisher as an example to introduce. When extinguishing a fire, we must first run to the upper wind of the fire, on the one hand to ensure our own safety, on the other hand, we can better exert the power of the fire extinguisher.
Step 1: Take out the fire extinguisher and shake it up and down.
Step 2: Pull off the insurance pin.
Step 3: Point the nozzle at the root of the fire source.
Part 4: Press the handle of the fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

Maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers

The method of inspecting a fire extinguisher is very simple. The first is to inspect the appearance of the fire extinguisher to see if it is damaged. Then check the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher. There are red, green and yellow areas on the pressure gauge dial. The pointer points to the yellow area, indicating that the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher is too high and there is a danger of self-explosion. Pointing to the green area indicates that the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher is moderate. It can be used, pointing to the red area, indicating that the internal pressure of the fire extinguisher is insufficient and cannot be used normally, which requires a new fire extinguisher.