What is the difference between a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher and a dry powder fire extinguisher

Update:18 Aug 2021

1. Different ingredients
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is a kind of fire extinguishing agent with a history of more than one hundred years. It is cheap, easy to obtain and prepare. It mainly relies on suffocation and partial cooling to extinguish fire. Carbon dioxide has a higher density, about 1.5 times that of air.
Dry powder fire extinguisher is a kind of fire extinguisher, according to the type of dry powder fire extinguishing agent, it can be divided into: ① ordinary dry powder fire extinguisher; ② superfine dry powder fire extinguisher.
2. The working principle is different
Under normal pressure, liquid carbon dioxide will vaporize immediately. Generally, 1kg of liquid carbon dioxide can produce about 0.5 cubic meters of gas. Therefore, when extinguishing a fire, carbon dioxide gas can exclude air and surround the surface of the burning object or distribute it in a relatively closed space, reduce the oxygen concentration around the combustible or in the protective space, and produce asphyxiating effect to extinguish the fire.
The dry powder fire extinguisher is equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing agents such as ammonium phosphate salt. This dry powder fire extinguishing agent is easy to flow and dry. It is composed of inorganic salts and crushed and dried additives, which can effectively fight the initial fire.

3. Different features
When carbon dioxide is ejected from the storage container, it will quickly vaporize from the liquid into a gas, and absorb part of the heat from the surroundings to play a cooling role.
Common dry powder fire extinguishing agents are mainly composed of active fire extinguishing components, hydrophobic components, and inert fillers. The hydrophobic components mainly include silicone oil and hydrophobic white carbon black. There are many types of inert fillers. They mainly prevent vibration and agglomeration, improve the movement performance of the dry powder, and catalyze the dry powder. Silicone oil polymerization and improving compatibility with foam fire extinguishing agents.
4. The scope of use is different
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is mainly used in archives and instrument laboratories. Because this kind of fire extinguisher leaves nothing after spraying, there is no trace at all.
Dry powder fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing ABC three types of fires, that is, solid, gas, and liquid fires.
5. Use the same basic method
The method of use is the same, which is a four-step process: lift up and shake, pull out the safety plug, hold the nozzle, and shoot at the root of the flame.